Is Public Ignorance a Problem? - forthcoming
(with Aris Trantidis)
Political Research Quarterly

Market Participation, Self-Respect, and Risk Tolerance - 2024
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Classical Deterrence Theory Revisited - 2023
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European Journal of Criminology

Novel Externalities - 2023
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Public Choice

Sexual and Gender Identity Work on Social Media - 2023
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Sociology Compass

Neoliberal Social Justice and Taxation - 2022 (SSRN version here)
Social Philosophy and Policy

Individualism, Economic Freedom, and Charitable Giving - 2022
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Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

The Mirage of Mark-to-Market: Distributive Justice and Alternatives to Capital Taxation - 2022
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Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

Rescuing Rawls from Rawls - 2021
The Independent Review

Capital, Ideology, and the Liberal Order - 2021 (SSRN version here)
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Analyse & Kritik

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International Journal of the Commons

Hayek versus Trump: The Radical Right’s Road to Serfdom - 2020
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Hayek’s Appreciative Theory and Social Justice - 2020
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Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

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Book Chapters

Disagreement and Evidence-based Policy (SSRN version here) - forthcoming
(with Nancy Cartwright)
Routledge Handbook of The Philosophy of Disagreement 

Economic Freedom and Social Justice - 2024
Handbook of Research on Economic Freedom (Edward Elgar)

Hayek: Postatomic Liberal - 2020
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Street-level Theories of Change: Adapting the Medical Model of Evidence-based Practice for Policing - 2019
(with Nancy Cartwright)
Critical Reflections on Evidence-Based Policing (Routledge)

Why be robust? - 2017
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Book Reviews

Tensions in Political Economy (review essay of book series on Buchanan, Hayek and Ostrom) - 2022
(with Aris Trantidis)
Public Choice

Introduction: Symposium on Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics and Public Policy by Mario J. Rizzo and Glen Whitman - 2021
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Mill’s radical end of laissez-faire - 2018
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Aris Trantidis: Clientelism and economic policy: Greece and the crisis - 2017
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Introduction: Symposium on Robust Political Economy - 2016
Critical Review